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Anush Margaryan

Armenia Vice President of the United Nations Association in Canada “I think the program certainly increased my chances for succeeding in the human rights advocacy realm. Equipped with relevant specific knowledge ... ... read more

Jakub Wojsyk

Poland PhD candidate in Political Science at the Andrassy University Budapest (Hungary). “For me personally the most useful factor is the combination of different characteristics: legal background, knowledge of several languages, ... ... read more

Iskander Mombekov

Kazkhstan Chief of Marketing Office at GIGIL Consult Adjunct Professor ya Turan University “The skills I’ve learned during this program is how to implement the Human Rights projects. There are different ... ... read more

Marianna Chobanyan

Belarus Human Rights expert in Belarus “I improved my analytical and critical thinking, ability to search for and work with literature sources, ability to justify personal vision and work in ... ... read more

Aigerim Seitenova

Kazakhstan Head of Programmes in Public Foundation ‘Wings of Liberty’.  “Regional Programme MA in Human Rights and Democratisation has helped me to start human rights career, be more precise of ... ... read more

Kostyantyn Lyabuk

Ukraine lawyer at the UNHCR project “Determination, academic integrity and inspiration are the qualifications and values university gave me”. ... read more

Marko Boyko

Ukraine Head and co-founder of NGO Logos Poland “Take as much as possible from each teacher, try to understand everything and make conspectus, you will need this skills later in ... ... read more

Ani Khachatrian

Armenia Programme Assistant at the World Health Organization Country Office in Armenia  “Not only does the Global Campus Caucasus Programme offer a comprehensive one-year academic course, but also provides a ... ... read more

Marina Rakopyan

Armenia J.S.D., Intercultural Human Rights Candidate, 2021 at St. Thomas University School of Law “It was totally different experience and kind of life-changing moment for me. I was unaware about all ... ... read more

Goharik Tigranyan

Armenia Research fellow at Institute of public policy “First of all, let me tell the programme and lecturers have had a big influence on me. It gave me theoretical and ... ... read more

Lusine Saghumyan

Armenia Human rights and gender specialist “I entered the programme with intention to firmly support the practical work skills and knowledge with theoretical framework. Due to the professionalism of the ... ... read more