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Alumni Description

More than 160 graduates have been awarded Yerevan State University Diploma granting Master’s Degree in European Studies with Specialization in Human Rights and Democratization. Our Alumni have been successful in ... ... read more

Joint activities

In the Frames of the Global Campus the following common activities are undertaken: Global Campus Best Theses Global Campus Visual Contest  Global Campus Classroom Global Campus Research Programme  Global Campus ... ... read more

GC network

The Global Campus of Human Rights is a unique network of one hundred universities around the world seeking to advance human rights and democracy education. The aim of the GC ... ... read more


The Global Campus of Human Rights (GC) was developed by the European Inter-University Centre (EIUC)  in Venice and 7 regional programme. The Global Campus of Human Rights is the most extensive ... ... read more

Our researches

Political Stability Challenges in the EEU countries: Political Factors Index Arusyak Aleksanyan, Ashot Aleksanyan Yerevan: YSU PRESS, 2021, 140p. ISBN 978-5-8084-2520-0 DOI: Challenges to the Consolidation of Modern Democracy:IDL ... ... read more

Programme Structure & Curriculum

  SEMESTER I SEPTEMBER 2023 – JANUARY 2024 N COURSE TITLE PROFESSOR UNIVERSITY 1 Theoretical Bases of Human Rights Dr. Artyom Sedrakyan YEREVAN STATE UNIVERSITY 2 Democracy: Theory and Practice ... ... read more

Why choose us?

Why choose the Regional Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in the Caucasus? This innovative new degree provides: A unique interdisciplinary master’s level education in human rights and democratization in ... ... read more