More than 160 graduates have been awarded Yerevan State University Diploma granting Master’s Degree in European Studies with Specialization in Human Rights and Democratization. Our Alumni have been successful in their careers, holding different positions in governmental and non-governmental sections in Europe and in their home countries. Several alumni are enrolled in PhD programmes.

We use a range of tools to help our Alumni to keep in touch with each other and the teaching staff. Numerous alumni have also been included in the research activities of the Centre for European Studies, YSU. The mission of the recently registered CESAA Alumni association NGO is to help alumni maintain connections to their educational institution and fellow graduates.

Here we present the testimonials of some of our best Alumni who are making a difference in the world today. They have turned their degrees into unique and interesting careers and they tell us how our MA programme influenced their professional growth and they give valuable advice to the persons who want to apply to MA programme in Human rights and Democratization.


Meline Margaryan

Erasmus Joint Masters, The Erasmus Mundus European Politics and Society: Václav Havel Joint Master Programme (EPS) student

“As a student of Human Rights and Democratization programme in CES, my colleagues and I have obtained number of qualifications and skills, which later transformed into helpful tips. Each of us used them differently either in applying for a job or continuing our academic careers as students.

Marina Shupac

Consultant at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (Geneva) and Human Rights Journalist at the Moldovan online media NewsMaker

“The programme introduced me to the regional and global network of Human Rights defenders which is extremely useful in my daily Human Rights work. Thanks to the Programme I got deeper understanding of the Human Rights realities in the post-Soviet space region and built a strong network which results in establishing joint initiatives with Human Rights professionals from the region.


Anahit Santrosyan

Lead Specialist at the Department for International Cooperation at the Office of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia

The MA programme in Human Rights and Democratization contributed immensely on my personal and professional development. Both theoretical knowledge and practical skills gained during the studies proved to be very helpful for my day to day activities in advocating human rights protection and promotion. The programme also served as a crucial platform for building valuable networks with the students from different countries and backgrounds.”

Anush Margaryan

Vice President of the United Nations Association in Canada

“I think the program certainly increased my chances for succeeding in the human rights advocacy realm. Equipped with relevant specific knowledge in human rights coupled with my previous law degrees I was able to break through the human rights professional path both within the Armenian Ombudsman’s office and later as a manager of large-scale human rights projects at Eurasia Partnership Foundation”.

Jakub Wojsyk

PhD candidate in Political Science at the Andrassy University Budapest (Hungary).

“For me personally the most useful factor is the combination of different characteristics: legal background, knowledge of several languages, working experience and interdisciplinary expertise. Global Campus program in CES put Human Rights and Democratization to that mix, which opens many doors and career opportunities when combined with other factors mentioned above”.

Iskander Mombekov

Chief of Marketing Office at GIGIL Consult
Adjunct Professor ya Turan University

“The skills I’ve learned during this program is how to implement the Human Rights projects. There are different ways, regulatory and ideas in each region and country which should be accomplished. The main skills gained is how to communicate with different parties, find the problems of society, which are hidden sometimes or not practically implemented in government”.

Marianna Chobanyan

Human Rights expert in Belarus

“I improved my analytical and critical thinking, ability to search for and work with literature sources, ability to justify personal vision and work in a small project team; I got some new skills in academic writing area and really enjoyed the creative component of some assignments (for example, within the TBHR course we had an assignment where we were asked to describe and analyze human rights violations which took place in our lives)”.

Aigerim Seitenova

Head of Programmes in Public Foundation ‘Wings of Liberty’.

 “Regional Programme MA in Human Rights and Democratisation has helped me to start human rights career, be more precise of what I want to do. It has become that starting point of my career, education. I have learned how to be professional in our field, how to analyze and think critically. The biggest factor to be successful is that I have discovered opportunities which I can embrace. If not this programme, I would not be able to achieve this”.

Kostyantyn Lyabuk

lawyer at the UNHCR project

“Determination, academic integrity and inspiration are the qualifications and values university gave me”.

Marko Boyko

Head and co-founder of NGO Logos Poland

“Take as much as possible from each teacher, try to understand everything and make conspectus, you will need this skills later in a job”.

Ani Khachatrian

Programme Assistant at the World Health Organization Country Office in Armenia 

“Not only does the Global Campus Caucasus Programme offer a comprehensive one-year academic course, but also provides a lifetime access to a supportive community of vanguard human rights professionals and a pool of invaluable opportunities for career and personal development. The skills and experience I gained in the GC internship programme has had a major impact on shaping my global perspective and has equipped me with the right tools to fight global challenges locally”.

Marina Rakopyan

J.S.D., Intercultural Human Rights Candidate, 2021
at St. Thomas University School of Law

“It was totally different experience and kind of life-changing moment for me. I was unaware about all the human rights issues and challenges that we are facing in our day to day life. The program not only teaches you about human rights and democratization but also makes you to value human rights and human dignity for each and every person”.