More than 160 graduates have been awarded Yerevan State University Diploma granting Master’s Degree in European Studies with Specialization in Human Rights and Democratization. Our Alumni have been successful in their careers, holding different positions in governmental and non-governmental sections in Europe and in their home countries. Several alumni are enrolled in PhD programmes.

We use a range of tools to help our Alumni to keep in touch with each other and the teaching staff. Numerous alumni have also been included in the research activities of the Centre for European Studies, YSU. The mission of the recently registered CESAA Alumni association NGO is to help alumni maintain connections to their educational institution and fellow graduates.

Here we present the testimonials of some of our best Alumni who are making a difference in the world today. They have turned their degrees into unique and interesting careers and they tell us how our MA programme influenced their professional growth and they give valuable advice to the persons who want to apply to MA programme in Human rights and Democratization.


Goharik Tigranyan

Research fellow at Institute of public policy

“First of all, let me tell the programme and lecturers have had a big influence on me. It gave me theoretical and practical knowledge on the bases of Human Rights, Democratic processes and values. In addition, my research skills have been broadened, which later on supported me to conduct researches on Right to Education (which is the main field of my interest). Hence, this programme was a big impetus for my professional career development and academic research field”.

Lusine Saghumyan

Human rights and gender specialist

“I entered the programme with intention to firmly support the practical work skills and knowledge with theoretical framework. Due to the professionalism of the professors and multicultural learning environment created by students, I had an intensive year with many opportunities for professional growth. I feel much confident as a human rights specialist with solid background”.