The Right Livelihood Foundation and the Global Campus of Human Rights are entering into a long-term cooperation on human rights education and the promotion of children’s rights. This was announced by the Executive Director of the Foundation, Ole von Uexküll, and the Secretary General of the Global Campus, Manfred Nowak, in Stockholm and Venice . The two organisations have signed a 5-year extendable agreement defining the purpose of their cooperation as “strengthening the values of human and children’s rights, democracy and the rule of law, while linking human rights with the other overarching goals of the United Nations, namely peace, development and a sustainable environment”.

Manfred Nowak commented: “Right Livelihood Award Laureates are among the most important change-makers in the world. Integrating them into our teaching and research will be a great asset for the Master’s programmes on human rights that we’re running in seven world regions.”

Ole von Uexküll commented: “At a time of shrinking democratic space and inspired political action from young people, we look forward to connecting our Laureates with the Global Campus’ large network of human and children’s rights experts.”

The project includes a new endowment, created at the Right Livelihood Foundation by one of its supporters, to enable a special focus on children’s rights in this cooperation.

The collaboration between the two organisations will be under the framework of the Right Livelihood Foundation’s university network, called the Right Livelihood College. The Director of the Right Livelihood College, 1982 Laureate Anwar Fazal from Malaysia, commented: “The Right Livelihood College aims to transfer the Laureates’ knowledge to young people around the world. Our new connection with the Global Campus and its university partners will multiply the impact of this work.”