The Global Campus of Human Rights provides a unique opportunity for those who are interested in political transitions and regime changes in different world regions. New course on Transitology – Pathways to and from Democracy designed by Dr. Anja Mihr (OSCE Academy in Bishkek & Center on Governance through Human Rights in Berlin) will give insights on modern questions how do countries and political regimes successfully democratise and what the causes of democratic backsliding, how do democracies die, and how do they recover, if at all?

The MOOC runs over 5 weeks and is organised into 3 modules:

Module 1 – Transitology and Waves of Democratisation

Module 2 – Modes of Governance and Regime Consolidation

Module 3 – Backsliding of Democracy and Restoring Deficits

It focuses on examples and current debates from different countries in the world within Eurasia, the Arab World, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Southeast Asia – all regions in which Global Campus Regional Programmes operate.

The MOOC starts from 20 February to 26 March 2023.

For more information and registration please follow here.